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Model A1311 / Late 2009 / 3.06 or 3.33 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Won´t power on, need boardview

So a costumer bring me this iMac A1311 because the device don´t power on. We live in Varadero, Cuba, so the ambiental contamination of the sea its pretty destroying (the salt) rustting almost everything.

I clean up the logic board and still wont power on.

I need the boardview of the logic board : 820-2494-A, so I could continue to check the device.

And if anyone have possible solutions…

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Why do you think it is the logic board? It could be the power supply. Have you tried taking LCD off and check the board diagnostic LEDS? Is anything on?


@annielservitec absolutely no LED you have a power problem

The schematic etc. does not address the power supply.


Replace the power supply inside the Mac, but first check the power cable going into mac, and check the fuse inside the plug (if you have one)


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@annielservitec you need to know that those are copyrighted and thus we will never post any off this on here. You will have to give us more information so that we can try to assist you with the problem. Number one suspect would be the power supply.

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Hi, I was checking this post : PSU/logic board pinout voltages.

And I follow your instructions for checking the PSU and i have the 12V in pin 4 and 3V in pin 12, but I still have no powering on nor LEDs signal. I also check the power button connector and there´s no 3V. I believe that I have a bad logic board


yes,that might just sounds like the logic board since your PSU seems to show the right voltages.


I guess I´ll have to check the logicboard


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