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After battery replacement, home button will not function!?

I recently did a battery replacement on my 6s with a ifixit kit, at first everything seemed fine upon reassembly and power on, but then I realised that my home button gave me no response, and upon startup/power on iphone came up with warning message saying “touch id not available”. Is someone able to help me with this? I did not mess with the area around the home button so not sure how this could have happened. Any help appreciated! Thanks!

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First check to make sure the cables are connected all the way, Next I would check each cable for the slightest bent connector or tear in the cable. May have to use a magnifing lens, even a slight wrinkle in the cable can cause damage.

If you used any heat to separate the screen you may could have damaged the chip connected to the home button.

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Hi, is possible i may have slightly bent connector, but not ripped, is it possible to replace this part yourself?


If the connector on the logic board has a bent connector then you can replace it if you can micro solder, if you are not able to then you will have to send it out to have it done. If its a bent connector on the flex cable then yes you can replace it yourself.


Yeah, if the connectors are bent on the logic board or the home button cable then you might have to send it out. If one of the screen connectors is bent, you probably will need a new screen.


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