Surface Pro 4 heats up then display shakes.

When I have my surface pro 4 running, about 30-60 minutes, it get hot and the display starts to shake. I was told that my surface was the 1st generation and the display has been changed not to overheat.

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@mike_viel What do you mean that the screen is "shaking"?


When it gets hot, the display at the bottom of the screen distorts colors then starts to shake/flicker up and down, it used to stop when the mouse was moved. Microsoft said it was a defect in the connection of the display. they were replacing them if under warranty.


This has happened to multiple surface pros for my agency as well, running the gamut from 2nd and 3rd gen sps. Some with i7s, some with i5s. Seems to happen several years into their life.

Anyone find a decent repair for this?


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