Better CPU by changing CPU

Is it possible to change the CPU? Or do I have to change, if it`s possible the motherboard to get new CPU?

At the moment I have 768 Ram what`s the most possible Ram ? I read 1 GB Ram. But could it be more if I qould by a new motherboard?

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Hi! No, it is not possible to change the CPU, because the processor is soldered to the motherboard. Depending on which speed processor you have, it may be possible to remove your motherboard and replace it with one that has a faster processor, but honestly, a 200-400MHZ speed increase is really not worth the money and effort.

I am assuming you now have 256MB on the motherboard and 512MB in the expansion slot. By removing the 512MB module, and replacing it with a 1GB module, you would then have a total of 1.25GB of RAM, which would be the max for that machine.

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Thank you for your help. Could ypo please help me once again?


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Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard requires:

A Mac computer with an Intel, PowerPC G5, or Power PC G4 (867 MHz or faster) processor

512 MB memory or more

A DVD drive for installation

9 GB of available disk space or more

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I have an Ibook G4. 1,2 GHZ, at the moment 768 RAM - but soon 1,25 GB RAM - would it also work?

Do I need 1.6 GHZ for watching DVD`s?


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Thank you for your fast help.

Many of my new applications needs Tiger. So I prefer to buy Leopard. In Apples system-requirements was standing that I need 1.6 GHZ for watching DVD`s.

Is this right?

At the moment I can watch DVD`s.

At the moment I have Panther. What are you thinking about a change to Leopard?

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