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Updated version of the original iPad 2, released in March of 2012 with a smaller die processor and updated internal construction. Repair will require the use of heat and careful prying.

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iPad 2 wont connect to open WiFi network

When i try to connect my iPad 2 to the guest WiFi at my school, it just has the loading circle and wont connect, however it will connect to my home WiFi perfectly fine showing the little check mark. i have tried factory resetting the internet options and it did not work.

Update (01/16/2020)

PROBLEM SOLVED!!! After a quick factory reset on the iPad it will connect to my schools WiFi

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Have you tried opening a browser? Usually with these cases you are required to login some other way besides using just the Wifi password, especially at a school. Check with your front office, they probably have the login information (unless it's not actually a guest account for students, in which case you're probably out of luck by normal means)

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i have tried opening both chrome and safari, and going to an HTTP website such as but it doesnt redirect to the internet login page


i have also used this guest WiFi perfectly fine on other devices such as my phone, and the school uses it on some of their computers aswell


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