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Mid 2006 / Model Number: A1181 / black or white case / 1.83 or 2.0 GHz Intel Core Duo processor

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Airport losing connection consistently

I have a 2006 macbook CoreDuo. I ran into a diminishing airport reception problem like many I've read about on the web. I changed the airport card a few months ago and the problem persists, with a little change to it. Instead of steadily losing bars of reception, now it works fine until it drops the connection, when I try to reconnect to the basestation it asks me for the password again, even though it''s saved and can , access it at other times. Then it times out trying to connect to the basestation. It cannot connect to the basestation again, unless I put it to sleep, or restart it. Restarting it results in a longer time that I can stay connected before it drops again, but putting it to sleep even for seconds will allow it to reconnect again, with me doing nothing at all.

The thing I think is causing this that I can tell is the temperature. It happens predictably when I am streaming video, as this gets my machine hot and the fan working at maximum.

I've also started to have Random Shutdowns as I've read about that were happening in earlier model Macbooks than mine, that were being caused by heatsink problems and were corrected in a firmware update.

All of this leads me to believe I have a problem with my heatsink or airport card wires running over a heatsink, something like that. Does anyone have an opinion on this.

I know it's a little convoluted but I've been living with this airport problems for about a year now, since before i installed the new card 6 mos. ago.

Thanks for your help

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Pictures would be very helpful, I prefer to have them so I can get a better idea of wat is going on


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Hi, I definitely think your problem is heat related so I am including the link for repair of your computer. I would open it up and recheck the connection of the airport card and clean the fan assembly. And while I was at it I would remove the heat sink--clean it and reinstall with fresh thermal paste. If possible with the heat intensive work you do you could look into one of those laptop stands with a fan to help keep temperatures down. Good luck.

MacBook Core Duo

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Thanks for the answer. I'll give that a try.

I don't see a link for the repair. Am I missing it?


I found the heatsink repair. But one problem is there are 2 heatsinks made for CoreDuo 2ghz, (flat top heatsink or curved top heatsink) and not a way to know which one fits my computer without seeing which one is in mine first, which means I will be without a computer until I can receive the new part.

I haven't found a way to identify which one my computer has by the model or build number. Any ideas on this?


Don't replace it--just remove it and clean it /reinstall with new thermal paste.


I agree with rj, apply good thermal paste like Arctic Silver 5 and get a Laptop cooler. Although the macbook doesn't have vents on the bottom it''ll keep your bottom case cool and provide some relief. I had one of these MacBooks and they are easy to take apart. Make it a habit of opening her up at least every other month and blow out the fan and vents with compressed air. You will be surprised at the amount of dust bunnies you will have. If you have never cleaned the internals of this machine, it must be completely covered with dust bunnies.


ok. thank you very much for the help


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This is all I can tell you without pictures

When you change thermal pads, you can't use the old ones, they have to be replaced(I will refurbish dell's using spare parts, during testing, I found this out even tough I was warned, you learn some things making mistakes)!

Buy a new thermal pad and try this out

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And refurbished dell's are often donated with whatever CRT I pull from my reserve, I have so many it would take a while to find one to pair, if it sucks(crude resolution, non-functional), replace it and pull a different one from my stash


There are no thermal pads in a MacBook. It's just 2 blobs of paste.


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I was having the same problem till one day the thing said I had no airport card detected. I uninstalled wireless display from the utilities menu and it has ceased ever since. heat did seem to play a roll but before I ever had the problem my machine would still run hot and never had the problem then.



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