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From 2000–2005 Optimas were a rebadged variant of the Hyundai Sonata, differing only from the Sonata in minor exterior styling details and equipment content.

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Cylinder 4 misfire code detected

So i have a few things i could use some help with. My check engine light was on and got it checked and the cylinder 4 misfire code came up, and did my reasearch what could be the issue but still having some trouble, my car hesitates lightly some days more than others, loses little power when accelerating, if i turned it off than try and start it than it will only stay started for like 2 seconds than turn off unless i give it gas, itll get hot than cool back down but this is consistently, slip gears a little, these are just some things ive noticed, i cleaned my throttle body and it took care of everything for about 10 mins after driving it, spark plugs are good, pretty sure the throttle body position sensor is good after checking it, trying to find source of the problem but need some mechanics advice on what to try, please help, thanks in advance!

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if its only cylinder 4 and the plugs are defiantly clean and NOT wet I would get a compression test done to check for burnt exhaust valve, blown gasket and rings. could be something as simple as a plug lead thought, i would get the compression test done first to rule out the expensive fixes, also check the injector on cylinder 4 hopefully it gets fixed easily for you. my car did this and turned out to be a faulty lead… and the timing was way out also so it misfired and banged like a gun.

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