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Keyboard and trackpad intermittently working


I have a macbook 8,1 A1278 i5 2,3ghz model. I currently am running it without a battery, previous one swole up. Sometimes the keyboard and trackpad stop working (they show up in System Profiler tho). They work fine at startup, when holding alt key and selecting a dive, but once it is in the system, they don’t function even though they are detected. Grabbing the device fixes the issue tho and it works fine.

Any idea what may cause this issue is appreciated, thank you

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If the battery swelled then the trackpad ribbon cable is likely damaged. I would start there replacing the trackpad Unibody Macbook Pro 13" trackpad and flex cable. Of course you’ll also need a new battery as well MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Early 2011 Battery Replacement. You may still sendup needing a new keyboard as well.

Block Image

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that was my first thought, but they both work or they both don't work, although they are connected separately on the logic board. they work fine in the preboot firmware without having to grip the case. I have tightened the case for now as I noticed it had a few loose screws.


@idintfixit - Both the Keyboard & Trackpad share the same internal USB 2.0 hub. So what can happen is one shorts out messing up the other (see the block diagram above)


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