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Can fall damage cause lag?

My playstation fell of my desk from about 2ft to a hard surface. While upon inspection, nothing appears to be physically damaged. The only issue is I occasionally have high ping while playing games and some games tell me i have no network connection at all even when connected to wifi. Should i have it looked at by a professional?

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Fall damage doesn’t correlate with high ping. Ping can be affected by so many things. Have you tried plugging in directly to your router and see if that fixes anything? To me it sounds like you have a weak connection to your wi-fi. Maybe try moving your router closer to your setup and see if that fixes anything. Dealing with high ping is annoying and frustrating, but i’m sure you will figure it out. If there was damage it would either work or not, no really in-between. You could try opening it and unplug and plug in the wifi antenna cable.

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