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iPhone 7 vertical lines

Hi all

Have here an Iphone 7 which was dropped in the bath (kids!!) took it apart and cleaned motherboard amongst other parts with osyprinal and replaced the screen, all cam back to life and no issues for a few months, until now she dropped the phone which did not damage the screen in any way, however the screen is showing lines now, touch still works, I have changed the screen to see if that would sort it out but still with the same issue, see attached.

Any pointers would be appreciated.

Block Image

Answer this question I have this problem too

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Remove any power from the phone (including the battery) it could be that there is corrosion in connectors due to the water or it would be you damaged the pins when you plugged in the screen, corruption can be cleaned with alcohol and a toothbrush and if there is a bent pin you could try ending it back but most likely you need to replace the connector which required soldering and it’s a job for a professional

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