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iPhone 6 Shuts off

My friend asked me to repair his iphone 6 which he have thrown and broke the lcd completely. After that incident he then said that his iphone 6 starts to shut off after 5 to 10mins in idle if he's not using it, he said that he needs to either turn the flash on or play a music to prevent the phone from turning itself off.

I did try replacing the LCD and battery but this didn't solved the issue. Also tried dfu mode restore but to no avail.

Is it possible that the nand chip has broken solder balls?

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If your friend threw the phone, then it could be anything. Frankly speaking, the NAND has the biggest solder balls so they would most likely be the strongest. You would have to properly probe the logic board to see if anythings stands out, such as a short on a secondary rail or perhaps some visible damage to a component. The other option would be to monitor the logic board with a thermal camera and wait until it “dies” so that you can see if any one area heats up prior to failure. These are difficult problems to troubleshoot.

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