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Apple Watch Series 2, announced September 7th, 2016 and released September 16 2016.

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Apple Pay not working after screen replacement


I replaced a screen on my Series 2 and now I can’t add any card to Apple Pay. I get a “Can’t set up Apple Pay” message with no additional info. All the flex cables are connected and I factory reset the Watch after screen replacement. I’m not sure if Apple implemented NFC lock (when you have to transfer NFC chip from the old screen to the new one) on Series 2 or it’s just a software bug. The screen I used comes from another S2 Apple Watch with fully functional Apple Pay (with this very screen).

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There are issues, and yes they are usually fixed by transferring the NFC chip from the old display to the new one. iFixit also states (at the beginning of this guide: Apple Watch Series 2 Screen Replacement):

Replacing the display can cause issues with Apple Pay. If possible, to reduce the likelihood of problems, delete all your ApplePay account info before the replacement, and then re-enter it with the new display installed.

Could be worth a shot as well, I’ve never tried it.

This was a Series 2 specific issue. I believe the NFC chip on the Series 3 and newer is a part of the main board, probably for this reason.

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