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Toshiba SMART TV CT 8533. wireless connection Sometimes it works..


I have a Toshiba SMART TV CT 8533. I have a wireless connection to it or should I say I used to. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

I scan wireless devices and click on mine, I add password but I always get ‘authorization failed’. I turned TV off and then on again. Nothing changed.

All I get is the bouncing no signal sign. It’s maddening! Any ideas how to fix it?


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Hi @kirstyw

Assuming that you're trying to connect the TV to a WiFi router, is this correct?

Try changing the WiFi channel in the WiFi router to a different channel and check if that makes a difference. Most routers on the 2.4GHz range default to CH1, 6 or 11 so steer away from them as everybody around you may be using the same channel(s) which could lead to interference if their signal is strong enough.

If you have a dual band WiFi router try are using a channel in the 5GHz range and see how the TV works when using it. I think that your model TV can work on both WiFi bands but maybe not. Worth a try though.

Is the TV backed up against a wall and where is the WiFi router situated in relation to it?

If it is as a test try pulling the TV forward and angling it a bit towards the direction of the WiFi router and check if that makes a difference.

As best as I can ascertain from the manual and I may be totally wrong, the WiFi antenna is situated in the top right hand corner of the set at the back as viewed from the front of the TV so if the router is on the left side of the TV and the TV is backed up against the wall the TV itself could be interfering with the signal.

Just somethings to try.


I have a similar kind of problem with a Toshiba 32LL3A63DB. It is a bedroom TV and while its wireless connection to my Wi-Fi router is working everything is fine. However every 7-10 days roughly it drops the connection for no apparent reason. Initially I could get it working again by pressing the WPS button on the router but this no longer has the desired effect. I have found that the only way I can re-establish connection is to switch the TV off at the wall socket for about 30 seconds and when it is powered on again I am successfully connected to the router. As the TV is in a bedroom and I am in bed when watching it you can imagine the choice language when I have to get up to carry out this procedure. My main LG TV in the living room has no problems whatsoever with its wireless connection and it is further away from the router than the Toshiba.


Hi @ ,

Check if there is a firmware update for the router or the TV.

Try changing the router's WiFi channel and see if that alters anything.

You will have to reconnect both TVs to the router after doing this.

Stay away from the default channels of 1, 6 &11 if possible.


For me wifi connected but showing no internet connection... my laptop mobile all working property


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Hi @kirstyw ,

when you are trying to connect to your TV via Wi-Fi, is the internet on the TV working properly? If no, is your TV connected to the router by the RJ45 (or optical link), or it’s just connected through Wi-Fi? If It’s connected by RJ45, there could be an issue with your “privacy settings”, check your router settings and find sharing information settings. In the other way, connecting a TV to the internet just via Wi-Fi is unstable, if you are using 4G Wi-Fi, try to set 5G and connect your TV again. Also, it’s suggested by the manufacturer, while is your TV connected via Wi-Fi, place your router near to the TV.

If it’s still not working, try to exchange your router, I’m not sure, if it’s an issue of the TV.

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toshiba tvs use older wifi chips

and thats the result

i have a toshiba smart tv located 5 meters from the router

it contiunuesly disconnect or get vey low dowload speed

if i run speedtest from the tv i get 10-20mbps when my connection is 300mbps fiber

when i place a laptop or phone next to the tv and run the same test i get 289-300mbps

the wifi chip on the tv is either very old or melfunctioning in any case i wont buy a toshiba tv again

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Just wondering if turning the TV so the back of the TV faces the router direction improves the connection stability or speed at all?

If it does you may have to either reposition the router or the TV to get the optimum signal reception and therefore the best speed possible

A lot of TVs have their WiFi antenna at the back of the TV and a lot of TVs are either backed up to a wall or mounted on the wall. Depending of course on the router's location, the signal has to effectively either pass through a TV full of electrical interference as far as a signal is concerned or through a wall which may be solid concrete, to get to the antenna.

This could degrade the signal making for slower speeds as it may have to re-train all the time to maintain the connection. Just a thought.


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