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Device repair information for the 1080p 60" Projection TV by Mitsubishi with model number WD-60737.

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My tv do not on, only have red light blink 6 times and yelow light 1?

the red light blink 6 times and yellow 1 time it has repair.?

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I have a mitsubishi 76” color television set WD - 73C12 that blink 6 red and 1 yellow blink. Is my television repairable and will it be expensive to repair?


The exact same thing just happened on my Mitsubishi projection TV. Mine is 12 years old, model WD-73738. This is the third bulb to burn out. Front light is blinking 6 red and 1 amber.


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Exequiel Martinez  double check the code. To get the error code, after the tv tries to turn on and fails (blinking red led), go up to the front panel press and hold ACTIVITY + CH DWN until the led starts blinking in a repeating pattern. let us know what you get. What you originally have is a code 61 which is a No Lamp Enable which is received at the DM and Ballast. So this could be an issue with either the fans, the color wheel or the lamp. Let us know if the fans spin, and if the color wheel spins.

Here is the service manual that should help you repairing your TV Mitsubishi WD60737

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