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Second generation of the Ford Focus.

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huming sound from air filter box

i am getting a loud humming sound coming from the air filter box when i lift the top lid, the sound gets louder when i rev the car. i am driving a 2007 ford focus 1.6 se duratec hatchback

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By unplugging some connectors you will make the check engine light come on but you may be able to get a free reset done at your local parts store.

I believe that the Active Intake Manifold component is bad causing your sound, you can unplug the connectors one at a time if you do not know which one it is until the sound goes away. If you need to buy and replace the entire intake manifold then also replace the PCV valve and its related components, if there is a rubber seal around it in the valve cover, a rubber hose that goes from the PCV valve to another part of the engine, replace all those parts also.

I am thinking you are not in the USA as my info does not show the 1.6L as an engine in the USA on a 2007 model?

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