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The Astro Mixamp is a midrange audio mixer and headphone amplifier designed for gamers to enhance their gaming experiences in different environments

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optical port on mix amp broken

My optical outlet/port in my mixamp is kind of broken because when I insert the optical cable into my mixamp I have to push it upwards a bit, and hold it there to get sound. Anyone know how to solve this?

Update (10/31/2019)

Thank you for your reply @jayeff,

Here I get no sound:

Block Image

But when I push the cable upwards and hold it there I get sound:

Block Image

I don’t think the port moves itself when I get a connection.

And the problem has to be with the port since I get the same issue for both of my optical cables.

Answer this question I have this problem too

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Hi @scarystate,

Does the port itself move when you push the cable to get a connection?

If so, I’m wondering if it is a loose connection on the motherboard.

Here’s a link to the ifixit Astro Mixamp Motherboard Replacement guide, which should be of some help in gaining access to the port connector to check if it is loose or not.

If the problem is internal to the connector, you may be able to source a suitable compatible replacement from here

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Hi @scarystatem,

If you've opened the device and checked that the port is not loose from the motherboard, then most probably you'll have to replace the port.

Try the link that I posted above and check the data sheets for any very similar looking components to see if you can get a match.

Check closely on the port that you have in case there are any manufacturer's markings or codes that may help to identify it


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