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need to replace and led's on led backlight strip

Got a dell inspiron one 2330 with bad led strip. Can't find replacement strip so opted for led replacement on strip. I bought led's I thought were correct but they are .7w not 0.5w. Also have higher voltages. My question is if I use higher rated globes with different voltage in outs will it work? Or do I need exact same rated led's? In other words what voltages /amps need to stay the same

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Hi @str8eyeit ,

the LEDs are not generating a voltage - The standard LEDs having a voltage range between 1,7 - 2,5V, the LED will shine if the voltage will be around 1,5V, but the shining won’t be sufficient. So check your nominal voltage on the LEDs (from the generator), if the voltage generator is giving enough voltage, it’s everything OK. If your generator is giving less voltage then required, then the LEDs will not work properly and I’m suggesting you order same LEDs as they’ve been placed. Also, you mentioned they are 0,7W, it would be a problem, because the voltage supply (generator), will have limited current. It means you must check power output and calculate the maximum current drain. Also, you can set your current drain by the ballast resistor.

So the conclusion? The voltage is not such a problem as the current.

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