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Popular clothes dryer series by Kenmore.

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Why won't my dryer start

Why won't my dryer Start? I replaced door switch, thermal fuse, all thermal sensors, heater coil, motor, and lightbulb. Getting power to dryer and checked continuity in start switch. Lightbulb doesnt come on and it wont start. Please help!!!

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Hi @kirkyboo ,

What is the full model number of the dryer?

What was the original problem?


My model number starts with 110. The original problem was the dryer would shut off early. I now have replaced everything but the start switch and end of cycle buzzer. Now when I touch the power wire from the start switch to the body of the dryer it wants to start. But the lightbulb still doesnt come on when the door is open. Is the ground wire from the start switch causing the problem?


@jayeff I posted a follow up but still having trouble navigating this website. My model number starts with 110. The original problem was the dryer would shut off early. Now I have replaced the timer and it still won't start and the light doesnt come on with the door open. I accidentally touched the power wire from the start switch to the frame of the dryer and it wanted to run. Could the ground wire from the start switch have come loose behind the drum and panel that houses the light?


Will the signal switch cause a no start and/or short?


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Hi @kirkyboo ,

Found two copies of the wiring diagram for a Kenmore 110 which are both virtually the same.

The wiring may NOT be the same as your model’s wiring, but you have to start somewhere.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

Looking at the wiring for these models, the drum lamp should come on when the door is open, independent of the start switch.

Since you have replaced the door switch you must have an open circuit between the neutral input from the power outlet and the door switch.

The fact that it will start when you connect a lead to the frame indicates that there is a good connection between the neutral wire input and the frame.

You need to trace the wire back from the door switch to the neutral wire input connector block and check the connections etc.

Again the wiring may not be the same for your particular Kenmore 110 model

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Hi @kirkyboo ,

Not sure what you mean by the "signal switch".

Which switch are you talking about?

If you mean the switch that the buzzer is connected to then I think that all the contacts shown above the timer belong to the timer so that when you set the timer it provides a path for the motor circuit (once the start button has been operated) and when the time has elapsed that path will be opened (stopping the motor) but there will be a path for the buzzer to operate signalling the end of the cycle because that contact has operated. That contact will no doubt be released to stop the buzzer after a set period.It should be operated at the start of the cycle otherwise the buzzer would be sounding at the start of the cycle.

You didn't say whether you checked the timer contacts or replaced the timer.


Yes I replaced the timer also. I also replaced the breaker in the house and the cord going to the wall. Still no start.




So did you prove continuity between the door switch and the neutral wire connection?

Is your dryer 240V or 120V operation?


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