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Laptops manufactured by Medion.

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Medion Akoya won't power on.

What can I do to my Medion Akoya p2212t which charges fine, but won't turn on. When power button is pressed, it displays the power light for a maximum of milliseconds more like a blink instead of, for at least 2 seconds.

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daniel isiguzo how do you know it charges your battery? What have you checked?


@oldturkey03 it displays the charging indicator light, when a charger is plugged in. So I believe it's charging fine. Just saying tho, do you have a contrary view?


Not really but those general symptoms are always tough to figure out. This could be anything from a bad power supply to bad processor and many things in between. I like to start with the power so I question the ac adapter and battery first. If you have a meter check the adapter then the battery. After that you are at the power switch and finally the motherboard. Schematics are scarce which complicates things even further.


Okay.. Thanks for the help. I'll see what I can do.


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Sounds like either a power issue or OS issue.

First replace power adapter and see if that resolves your isssue. The unit will need to charge for a while, so be patient.

It also can be an OS issue. It is also very possible that your computer just cannot access any OS (operating system) files. After restarting, press the F11 key or start up the Notebook with the F11 key held down to launch Power Recover.

You can also try to access your BIOS by pressing F2 key at startup.

Check there if your computer recognizes the drives etc.

Let me know what you find. Good luck !

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@wirelessworlds I don't think I'd be able to find out if it's an OS issue cos it's not turning on.


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