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Part of the Lenovo G Series of everyday laptops released in November 2012.

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should I spend money on a 7 year old laptop?

my laptop is lenovo g580.i want to change the motherboard,lcd panel and keyboard.i also want to upgrade the ram,set up a will cost me a total of 200 usd.

My question is now will it be right to spend this much money on a 7 year old laptop.because it is my first one…

i will be ever greatful if you reply

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@ismailsiraj I would. $200 is a good price for all those updates and you will not get a new laptop for that price. There is nothing wrong with making that investment.

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Sorry, but a MB, screen and kbd replacement sounds a little over the top. You will still have a 7 yo laptop without a warranty, and there is not much more to replace.

Beside that, I have not found replacements for a MB are upgrades as in more powerful and more features. You might get a backlit kbd as an upgrade and you may be able to upgrade the screen, but if you can’t find all those things together as compatible, I wouldn’t advise it.

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