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The Lenovo Ideapad 110S-11IBY was released in September 2016 by Lenovo.

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Lenovo with completely formatted C drive won't recognize bootable USB

So one day I accidentally formatted the whole of my laptop's C drive, Luckily, my dad handed me down one of his so now I was thinking, maybe if I used some sort of joint spacedesk array I could have a dual screen display? But the thing is, the computer has no files in it. Absolutely nothing. Not even a Windows folder. It's the equivalent of literally erasing every single file from your computer. Of course, I didn't do it on purpose, I was trying to downgrade my laptop from a broken Windows 10 to a fixed, fresh Windows 8. So now I'm trying my best to resurrect it. The E2B usb I made works perfectly, and will install Windows XP on your computer. But however, for some reason, my laptop decides to ignore it fully… I think if I stick it in there long enough, it will boot, because eventually I could feel the USB getting hotter, but that's for later. Please help me out I don't wanna buy another 4k TV

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Hi @realblueblue

Did you try enabling USB Legacy or CSM in BIOS to see if it will boot from a USB stick?


Yes,I have tried disabling Secure boot and resetting the PK keys. But I don't know how to start CSM simulation.


@realblueblue verify that your computer is a Lenovo Ideapad 100S-11IBY 11.6". How do you know this "The E2B usb I made works perfectly, and will install Windows XP on your computer."? Your USB drive is bootable?


@oldturkey03 the build in the BIOS says so... The E2B drive works because I could boot it off QEMU. I tried booting some ISOs off QEMU and they didn't work. The drive, however, works fine. I used a SanDisk cruiser blade.


your computer is a Lenovo Ideapad 100S-11IBY 11.6 ?


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Okay your BIOS is needed to even get your computer started. It is absolutely independent from any OS. Without a BIOS setup your computer will not know what to do with anything. You need to access the BIOS in order to tell your computer which drive to boot from. Check on here and definitely on here about the BIOS and removed BIOS functions. “Windows 7 will not run on this system because of the missing CSM support. “ So “install Windows XP  “ most probably unlikely.

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Hmm. The article seems to cut off with an unanswered question. Weird. It appears that the UEFI boot setting were changeable, yet not anymore. When I try to change them, the selected box goes right over it. Also, my BIOS may be an UEFI... I have to do a little more research, I'll update when it's done.


Sometimes you'll need to disable secure boot first in the BIOS before you can change the boot mode setting from UEFI to Legacy / CSM Support. From experience you'll see this greyed out initially until secure boot is disabled.


@benjamen50 what button is it? There aren't any greyed out buttons, secure boot or not.


If there isn't any option to use legacy mode or CSM support to be enabled then it's a UEFI only laptop meaning only Windows 7 and newer OS can be installed.


this " then it's a UEFI only laptop meaning only Windows 7 and newer OS can be installed" is what you got going on with it.


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