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My iMac HDD is Seagate. NOT! WD or HITACHI

My iMac has a Seagate drivel model number st3500418AS. Here on, there are only 2 options for brands on the internal HD replacement. WD and Hitachi. I am very hesitant to buy these because I have seen youtube videos demonstrating the difference between the WD and my Seagate drives with regards to the thermal sensor that is specific to 2010 and 2011 iMacs. However; I do not know if the Hitachi drive is compatible regarding same thermal sensor.

I can find other sites that offer Seagate drives, I feel safer to purchase from there.

Any insights on the Hitachis?

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Buy the Hitcahi from a reputable seller that has a good RMA policy. IFixit may be sold out.

The thermal sensors are different

922-9215 for the Hitachi

922-9216 for the Seagate

922-9622 for the Western Digital

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I never thought about out of stock.

Is that cable already in the iMac, or is that something I need to purchase?



You'll have the cable for the original drive already.


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