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A1261 - boot chime, solid white sleep light, no display

My A1261 has been acting very strange lately.

Last night, I disassembled the machine, dusted it, cleaned the logic board with isopropanol, and reapplied the thermal paste. After reassembling it, it would not turn on, so I started to disassemble it again, to the point where I removed the keyboard. Then I called it a night and went to bed.

This morning, I reassembled it to the point where I plugged the keyboard back in, and it booted with no issues, bringing me to the boot disk selection screen when I held OPTION. So I powered the machine off and finished reassembling it.

Now, when I press the power button, the DVD drive spins up, the sleep light turns to a solid white, and the boot chime plays. When I plug in the MagSafe connector, it shines green, then red (to indicate that it’s charging the battery). However, the display does not turn on, and the sleep light does not turn off.

I’ve tried reseating the RAM and swapping it with known-working DIMMs — no change. I’ve tried resetting the SMC — no change. I’ve tried resetting the NVRAM, but the machine just repeats the behavior above when I attempt to do so. When I remove all RAM from the machine and try to power it on, it beeps once every few seconds, as expected. Note that I only have a 60W MagSafe charger at my disposal.

I’m at my wit’s end, and would really rather not disassemble this machine again (those screws are a pain). Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

EDIT: It might be relevant that I have a Crucial MX300 SSD installed in the machine. I’m not sure if that’s causing issues, given the laptop only supports SATA-I.

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The display cable wasn’t plugged in all the way. I hate computers.

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