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The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 is a 10.1-inch Android-based tablet computer and belongs to the second generation of the Samsung Galaxy Tab series.

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Will one broken digitizer pin cause whole digitizer to stop working?


If one single pin on the digitizer flex cable connector (approx pin 50) is broken, can that cause the whole digitizer to not function at all?

My friends wife left her tablet on the balcony, and then there was rain. He then tried to fix it by opening it and drying it. While opening it he punched two holes in the digitizer flex cable and broke one pin on the digitizer flex cable connector.

The unit charges and turns on and off just fine, volume buttons working, SIM card slot seems to work as the unit detects the SIM card, or notices when it is not there. But the digitizer did not work.

I have now replaced the glass/digitizer, due to the broken flex cable, but the status is the same. Could one single broken pin on the flex cable connector cause the whole digitizer to be completely non-functional?

I have inspected the connector in microscope and everything looks ok except one pin that is broken, and missing. The cable also fastens fine when locked in.

Basically what I am wondering/thinking is if a replacement of the connector will solve the issue, or if it is something else. I would have expected most of the digitizer area to work fine, except for just one row or column. But maybe not?


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In a short answer, yes. Depending on what that pin did, it is capable of shutting down the whole touch screen. If you have experience with micro soldering, you can attempt to replace the “FPC Connector”.

You’ll need to find the correct replacement part based on how it looks and how many pins there should be. Here is an example of a possible replacement part.

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Ok, thanks.

I thought the pins where all only either “rows” or “columns” to sense capacity at the junctions. What other functions are there, and what functions does the pins have that can shut down the hole touch scree have?I have identified a spare connector and will attempt soldering it. I do have access to a good microscope for electronic repairs at work. And I used to design full custom ASICs once upon a time. So I know a little bit about what I am getting myself into :) Fully aware there’s quite a chance I will fail. But then on the other hand, I have nothing to loss and all to win :)

Btw, I think the connector you linked is the LCD connector 2x45 pins, while the digitizer connector is 2x40. But I will double check that now, to be sure.


I wanted to link the right part, but I couldn't find anything that matched your specific model. You should definitely compare the replacement part with your board before ordering.

Best advice I can give you for the solder process itself would be to remove all plastic pieces with tweezers before de-soldering the pins themselves. The plastic tends to melt all over creating an impossible mess.

Best of luck with the repair!


I'm thinking, if I can't de-solder without melting the plastics, I won't be able to re-solder the new one, without melting the plastics ;) Checked som videos out where they de-soldered to connector without removing the plastic, so should work.


Hi, I have the same problem with my iPhone 6. Do you know what the pins are called? Many thanks


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