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6th generation of Motorola's Moto G line. This phone was released in 2018 and features a glass back that is easier to remove than Samsung phones. Model numbers are XT1925-4, XT1925-5, XT1925-6, XT1925-12 and XT1925DL.

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Replacement screen jumps from the top of a web pages, is now unusable

I am trying to figure out if it's just a defective product or is there something I did when installing it,? I had to replace the back glass, the camera glass and the touch screen. My 6yr old son dropped it. Before I removed the old one the phone was still working fine, aside from the damages. It's the 4g ram 64g rom model. It's not even 6mos old. Any help welcomed.

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cannot understand what you mean by jumps from top of webpages?


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OEM Parts only work get them on

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