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Model A1224 / Mid 2007 and Early 2008 / 2, 2.4, or 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Vertical green lines on screen after HDD replacement?

Hello there,

i recently replaced my iMac mid 2007 HDD with a SSD. Now after the replacement was done i have very thin vertical green lines on the screen.

The steps i have done so far but did not fix the problem are:

- Resetted PRAM / NVRAM

- Clean new installation of OS X

- Put off DDRAM modules

Also i took a screenshot from the desktop and the lines are visible here as well on the image. That somehow indicates to me there might be a problem with the graphic card? I just wonder because i not touched it.

These green lines are also visible immediately after the iMac is starting up after a reboot or shutdown.

There is also a white space border to the left side of the display for about 20 pixels width or so.

Do you might have any suggestions to me what i could still try to do.

There is no apple warranty anymore and i also don´t want to spend money here for getting a new graphic card (if that is really the problem).

Here´s the screenshot i took showing green vertical lines in white areas.

Block Image

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The screenshot won't show LCD defects at its capturing what is held in your systems memory as you can see its just fine here. You would need to take a picture with your phone or other digital camera.


You are right. If looking at the screenshot on another device i also can´t see any issues.


I noticed they are not there "permanent" again somehow. If it hit against the monitor a little they are gone but come back again at a random time.


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The thin lines are often damage of the bonding of the ribbon cables which join up with the LCD these are called TAB errors.

Sadly there is little one can do to fix these other than replace the display assembly iMac Intel 20" EMC 2133 and 2210 Display Panel Replacement and here’s one choice TheBookYard - iMac Alu 20" LCD - AUO M201EW02 (07/08)

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Hmm. Strange. I am pretty sure i did not damage the cable. Can you tell me why the green lines also occurs on the screenshot i made then? I mean if the display or any cable connection to the display is the problem these lines shouldn´t be included in the screenshot i´ve taken?


Maybe i should try open it again and disconnect/connect the cable once again and see if that helps. I would also like to connect an external Monitor but the cable i have Mini DVI Displayport to HDMI somehow doesn´t fit to the Imac Mid 2007 i have. Also i cannot find the right cable for my model so i could connect it to my TV and see if those lines are visible there too.


The LVDS cable connection won't effect this, as the ribbon cables in question here are the ones you don't see under the metal covers. Here's a good vid which will help you see the problem LCD TV Fault Repair Diagnostics - Vertical Band Jump to 1:15


@danj Thank you, will look at it.


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