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The Dremel 4000 is a variable speed rotary device. It is compatible with with all Dremel rotary accessories.

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Dramel 4300 rotary tool 120v

I placed my tool into a 220v socket yet it takes in 120v and it stop working any help on how to replace the Electrical Assembly Replacement unit for the dramel 4300 Rotary tool and where i can find an Electrical Assembly Replacement for the Dramel Rotary Tool

i have used the picture for the Dramel 4000 becouse the admin seems not to have Dramel 4300 in the drop down

thank you

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You probably burned out the motor when you plugged it into a 240V outlet How did you manage to do that? normally the plugs are not compatible.

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Could be in a foreign country that uses universal outlets? I am an American Vet living in the Philippines and I changed some of my outlets to accepts everything, I also have a commercial grade transformer for 100 and 120 while local voltage is 220. locally they do not have a third ground connector and also do not have the wide spade (polorized) connector as the USA does. Not sure how simple the dremel plug may be? I also believe that there could be 220 in the USA but the OP is saying 240 so I believe this is not in the USA.......

I recommend to open the tool, see if there is a possible fuse, if not, then replace the entire unit, by the time you get a replacement part, if available, and your time to change it, you will not save much money in the end.


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