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Is there a way to replace the SIM card reader? Is soldering required?

My SIM reader has been damaged due to a foreign particle getting in, and removing this foreign particle has caused one of the SIM reader’s pins to be damaged.

In the hope of making this device being able to read the SIM again, how hard is it to do this repair, and is there a guide I missed looking at?

Thank you for reading.

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Just looking at the iPhone XS and XS Max Teardown you can see this will be a very big job! You’ll need to either have Apple replace your logic board or find someone that has the deep skills to fix your phone. Check out Jessa Jones iPad Rehab Youtube vids She also visits us here when she has time Jessa Jones @jessabethany

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Actually Dan it is not that hard of a job. I reluctantly did one of these repairs last week and it was a lot easier than I thought. With some low melt alloy and a preheater it took around 30 minutes to replace. The time consuming part was removing the under fill around the caps and resistors nearby. I was worried about heating the wifi chip up to much but if you are using a pre heater you shouldn’t have any problems. I wouldn’t advice anyone who doesn’t have microsoldering experience to attempt this repair though.


@imicrosoldering - Your skilled and have the right tools! That makes a big difference. Which is why I was aiming Aloysius to someone like you to fix his logic board, Apple won't do that ;-}

Chris - How about filling in your info card so have another skilled person listed doing repairs.


I’m pretty distraught now knowing that I sent in my phone to Apple and they broke my touch screen instead, and I am hoping to do this repair for the SIM card on my own assuming I get to fix the touch, but if a lot of parts need to be purchased then I’ll probably just let the phone collect dust. Even without the Sim tray I can at least play games on it. Now I can’t do anything. Arguing with Apple did nothing either.

I also happen to be in Singapore which I will assume, is not in the same country as you guys.


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