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The screen doesn't turn on

Hello, I have an iPhone 7 that that turns on and vibrates when i charge it but the screen doesn’t show anything. I have tried replacing the screen (with both apple and 3rd-party parts) and have had no luck. There is no sign of water damage, and the phone is slightly bent. Any advice on how to get the screen to work?

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Besides trying screen replacements there’s not much you can do on a DIY basis to troubleshoot a no image or no backlight issue, they’re both pointing to hardware issues needing a board repair by a reputable microsolderer. You can just check with a good light and magnification that the socket pins are in good conditions and there’s nothing like dirt or debree preventing a smooth connector lock.

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Thank you for the quick reply! As I feared, the motherboard seems to be the problem and the repair is beyond what I'm capable of, so i guess the phone will remain broken.


@dorito The iPhone 7 still has a fair market value and it's a nice phone, it would be a pity to just put it aside. In my opinion it would be economically worth a repair attempt, some labs work on a no fix no fee basis too.


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