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iPhone 6 screen shattered, touch screen compromised

Hello. I dropped and shattered the touch screen of my iPhone 6. Due to the shattered glass, there is ‘phantom touches’ going on and I am unable to put in my passcode. It keeps rerouting me to the “phone is disabled, please try again in X minutes.” I was able to update it I think when it was in recovery mode. Before then due to the chaotic phantom touches I couldn’t even do anything and all my apps would open up by itself and act all up. (This is before I was able to restart it) I called Apple Support and they were no help, they just suggested that I go somewhere inexpensive to get the screen replaced so I can sync the iPhone and get my data to the new iPhone. I cannot even unlock the iPhone.

Is it possible to not spend the money to replace the screen on a iPhone that is helpless and get that data?

Please advise! Thank you in advance.

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My grandson has the same model phone and also had a cracked screen. I purchased a new (after-market) one on eBay for $16.71 and replaced it. The phantom touches are likely caused by pressure from the broken glass. You might be able to reduce the pressure by very, very, VERY, carefully picking out some of the pieces with pointed tweezers. I do not suggest this by someone who isn’t prepared. Have a large, flat, clear surface to work on. Something laid out to catch the broken pieces, and maybe gloves to protect your fingers. Also you might try packing tape on the screen then peel off slowly. See if the broken pieces that come off with the tape were part of the problem.

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Firstly you will need touch to work so you can enter a your passcode or iTunes will not recognise your phone.

Secondly it is highly likely you have already lost your data. When the message states “phone is disabled try again in x minutes” is not a good sign. You will most likely have to restore the phone losing your data. I would try putting a working screen on so if you are lucky enough for it to ask for passcode you can input it properly. Best of luck.

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