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Optical Drive Not recognized by computer?

Every time I put a disc in to the drive it spins and then spits it out. I went to disc utilities and its not even listed, it shows the hard drive but not the optical drive. Under "about this computer" in the catagory of "Disc Burning" it says there is no disc burning drive. Yet under ATA it lists it as QSI-CD-ROM TCR-241. I know its old and I do have another computer but this computer still works and I was just wondering if I was missing something? the computer is running 10.4.11. I dont have any of the software anymore and I've ordered a replacement drive from your company. Do you think this might solve my problem??



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You can spend a lot replacing it or get an external DVD drive for a third and take it to your next Mac.

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I agree! I have an Imac so buying an external really isn't a need nor is having the ibook truthfully. I just want to figure out if a replacement optical drive is the answer to my problem. Thanks.


These drives just out after time. Some have had success opening and cleaning them. I have found this to an exercise in futility. But, as you've purchased one, here's the guide for installing it: iBook G4 12" 800 MHz-1.2 GHz Optical Drive Replacement


Wow shipping was super fast!! Well I just installed the replacement drive and with the help of your pictures and directions it works great. Thanks!!


Glad I could help solve your problem ;-)


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