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Fourth generation of iPad, released November 2, 2012, available in Wi-Fi, CDMA, and GSM models with 16, 32, or 64 GB of storage.

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Ipad 4 battery stuck at 1% after Battery replacement


I took out my iPad 4 after a year or so to find that the battery had swollen to an extent that it had separated the top right bit of screen off the body.

I got a replacement battery and tried to replace it myself., followed the iFixit guide for it which was great. The device ran fine till the battery drained till 1% after which it turned off . While charging , the device does show the lightning symbol, but the charge percentage does not increase. The

The Apple ipad charger/cable are known and working.

I’ve tried the following so far:

-Re-seated the logic board to make sure the pins were making good contact with the battery

-Checked the voltage across the +/- of the replacement battery which showed 3.12V, does this mean that this battery is bad or is it just discharged?

-Soft Reset(Home + Power)

-Charging while powered off

Is there anything else I can check to identify the root cause? I was considering the following:

-Will putting the ipad into DFU help?

-How can i identify a bad Tristar/U2 IC chip?

-Is it possible that the swelling up off the old battery damaged something else in the circuit?

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My guess is defective battery. At 1% it should at least be very close to 3.7V or higher. Starting voltage required to boot up system is around 3.7V.

Lower than that the iPad should be on the low battery symbol instead.

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Hey thanks for your reply.

The ipad does start and work for 4-5 minutes.

Based on your comment, it wouldn't be able to start with just 3.12v right? Can a defective battery affect when the iPad shows the low battery symbol?


It shouldn't be able to boot up at 3.12v, lowest I've seen iPads and iPhones boot up at around are 3.6v at worst but that is with a worn out battery.

A defective battery can give incorrect percentage readings so it will have an effect on when the iPad shows a low battery symbol.

Did the percentage ever increase once or did it always discharge? If it always discharged even while plugged in then it's most likely a bad battery. A USB Ammeter would help a lot in diagnosing this charging problem.


I don't have an ammeter but will try to source one to verify.

The battery had some charge on it (31%) when i first connected it. I let it discharge a bit to check if it was working fine, it did work fine for an hour or so after which the ipad turned off and the issue above started.

I'm just hoping it's not an issue with the tristar IC since I'll probably not be able to fix it myself(0 microsoldering experience) and sourcing a spare IC may be difficult.


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