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Guides for the Wi-Fi version of the iPad Mini 2. Announced October 22nd and released November 12th, 2013. The iPad mini 2, also known as the iPad mini with Retina Display, has all the pixels of the iPad Air in a smaller 7.9" form factor.

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How long to charge new battery and LCD before iPad will turn on?

Hi all

I've left a new battery to charge since 4.45 pm yesterday and the iPad still doesn't turn on.The connector to the lcd was very hard to locate but I finally managed to do it (but did I?)

Is it possible to connect it to the socket ‘wrong' I wonder?

On initial examination of both the socket and the connector,I didn't see any pins stuck in either.

As far as I can gather,I should be able to test it without having to put it all back together or won't it work if not all back in place and sealed again?

Update (09/17/2019)

Thanks for your reply Ben,

Re-seating the connector has done the trick.

Thanks also for mentioning disconcerting the battery first.

I hadn't thought of that,but yea - I do so on my bike or car,and same applies with any electronic circuits!

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Have you verified that the replacement LCD is not for the Mini 1 and is for the Mini 2?

Those LCDs have a very subtle difference which you can see from the bottom of the LCD display assembly. At the bottom there are two metal rectangle covers that are soldered to the back of the screen.

On the mini 2 this will be smaller than a Mini 1 version. So a quick way to see if you got the right screen if the old screen has the same size metal as the new screen. If it’s not the same you’ll notice the difference at a glance.

Try reseating the display cable, this one sometimes is not plugged in fully on one side. Remember to always have the battery unplugged when unplugging or plugging in the display cable. If the battery is flat it should at least show you the low battery icon.

If not there is a problem with either the display or the power going into the iPad, hopefully not a board-level problem.

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Thanks Ben,after reseating the display cable it now seems to work.


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