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Modelo A2159, EMC 3301. Uma atualização do MacBook Pro de 13" de nível básico. Disponível em Prata e Cinza espacial. Lançado em julho de 2019.

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New MacBook Pro 2019 dies on 35% battery!

Today i bought new macbook pro 2019 128 gb (MUHN2). Everything was good until battery got 35 % and it turned off, it will turn on only when you plug a charger, and it shows 35 % on start! Any ideas how to fix this? I guess not only me has this problem…

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I had to return my new 1 day laptop to the seller - the specialist at first asked me if I updated Mac OS to the latest version cause I was not the first owner of new 2019 Macs with the same problem - in almost any cases updating fixed the problem they said, but it didn’t help me. So now i’m writing from the new Mac - first what I did after turning it on I updated it - and spent all the battery up to 0 - now it works perfect. So be ready for that issue if you are looking to buy new 2019 Mac.


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Check out this answer New MacBook Pro shuts down at 25% battery

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@danj looks like you erroneously accepted your own answer


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