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The March 2015 update of Apple's 13" MacBook Air features fifth generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, resulting in slightly increased performance and battery life.

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Reattaching Battery Socket to Motherboard

While I disconnecting the internal battery, I pulled the battery socket piece off the motherboard. Does this piece need to be soldered or is there an adhesive I could use?

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@paul22 no adhesive and it will need to get soldered. Post some pictures of what it looks like so we can verify that it is just the socket and not the traces as well. Adding images to an existing question

Update (09/15/2019)

Great! Looks like you just need a connector resoldered. The board looks fine.

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Hopefully the picture has enough resolution. The connector/socket is upright.


Is there a reference explaining the technique to reattach the plastic connector?

A co-worker of mine who used to assemble computers said I would need a new connector. He also said something about the difficulty of soldering a plastic connector (though he also said after 12 years of assembling computers it makes him sick to see a motherboard...).

I am willing to purchase the proper tools and products for the job...

I received a quote of $250 to have it done in a repair shop which I understand as the price takes a 60 day guarantee, but I rather invest in the tools and learn something in the process.

Much Thanks for any information or leads.


You'll need a good rework station, flux, kapton tape and some practice on an old board


I took the board to a computer repair shop who said their "level 3" tech was confident he could re-solder the connector to the board. I got a call a couple of days later and told "level 3" tech was unable to solder the piece as it was too damaged, and also...the shop could not find a place to source another "connector".

They have offered to solder the battery directly to the board. Is this possible or futile? The computer currently works while plugged in with the power supply.

A side question, would my motherboard have any trade-in value with this missing connector?


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