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The Nikon D5200 is an F-mount DSLR camera with a 24.1 megapixel DX-format CMOS image sensor. The D5200 has a maximum resolution of 6000x4000 and is capable of 1080p video recording.

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How can I fix a stuck up mirror?

My Nikon D5200 when open, an error appears on the monitor and it says Press shutter release button again.

When you click the shutter botton the mirror inside is not functioning well as in a normal way as in… its running halfway or not in full swing.

I notice it last time that I cover a birthday party I had a low-bat situation so I charge the battery and during the charging it happens there’s a brown out so the power went off then a few seconds the power goes back from a power generator and maybe 15 mins. later the power goes back from the main but still the battery charger was not remove from the outlet after 30 mins of charging maybe 1/4 of the battery was fill I continued to take photos.

I found out that when I click the shutter a time the flash doesn’t function later the mirror comes a halfway and seems dragging then when I check it a notification appears on the screen that I have to Press the shutter button again then it goes back but as time passes later I can’t take any pictures anymore.

When the event ends I went home and fully charge my battery for almost 3 hours then check it with my camera but still the same thing goes. My plan is to send it to the service center but before doing it I rely on this page whether you can fixed it before I do sending it to the service center.

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What can happen is the foam bumper along the top edge of the reflex box breaks down and gets tacky which then adheres to the mirror frame preventing it return to its normal position. Carefully take the Lens off and with your fingernail see if you can unglue it. It only take a very little pressure to break the adhesion. Don’t force it!

If that works you’ll need to replace the bumper with a fresh one. This is not easy to do and if you are not careful you can damage the focusing screen as well as the mirror trying to clean off the old foam and its traces.

Your battery likely needs to be replaced as well as it sounds like its been well used. The power outage shouldn’t effect it. But the surge on the power being restored could have! Where you using a good surge suppressor?

Best to let an authorized Nikon service center fix your camera. They can get the needed parts and have the skills to deal with all your issues.

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