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This product is a 27-inch LED display with a resolution of 2650x1440 pixels released by Apple on July 27, 2010. It has the model number A1316.

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Loses AC, down for 3 days, intermit Sleep for 2.5s PS or MB?

If this monitor loses AC power…I have to wait 72 hours to try to use it…waiting 3 solid days and the monitor will come up as always, well the always before this quirk showed up:

NOW; it comes up and some time into using it, it goes to sleep but only for a second or two. Maybe 1.5-3.4 what do I know…

Today it was unusable sleep wiggle mouse, awake 3-5 seconds. repeat.

Ive read of replacing this board or that and not seeing folk check solved

Yhe freaky loss of power screams PSU to me and the sleeping kind of behavior whispers main board



Update (09/11/2019)

I thought Id come yesterday to add that this is a MacPro 2013 system. I'm straight into the Mac, not a hub. I had thought if there was something to a MDP plugging into a TB2 port, maybe adding a hub might help or IF this monitor should go to a new setting maybe I replace with a Thunderbolt version, the 1407?? This morning as expected the monitor fired up like it was NEW!

Expecting that things ARE what they ARE I will watch for the blinking/sleeping to return and check the display with a flashlight. Shot a pic this morning, should I need to update I'll grab a shot of the screen to see Thank you for reading :). Michael

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What is your system MacBook Pro or iMac? And which one.


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Lets see if we can isolate the issue. First when the display goes out:

  • Are you still able to use the USB & Thunderbolt ports?
  • Using a flashlight pressed on the glass at an angle can you see the faint image of your desktop and its Icons?
  • Are you able to connect another external monitor into your system (any video port) are you able to see the image on it?

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I pulled the monitor yesterday and dropped down to a consumer generic led that uses HDMI, works flawlessly.

Condition of my pet ACD: the USB ports are dead, in remounting it to the base I apparently plugged a plug.....I hadn't thought that a deal breaker, since I have more than enough without those three.

As for the vid, I presume we are looking to see if this is the fluorescent bulb blinking out? I will put it back on my desk in the morning, since this one went out Monday, 2 days should mean tomorrow at lunch I will have it back if the sleep clinking isn't permanent :)


This serial numbered ACD reports that it is the LED model, would that not mean this is a Mini Display port rather than a Thunderbolt? I read some similar problems with sleep if connecting a MDP into a Thunderbolt port.


There is a few differences between the two. The diagnostic process is the same.

What is your system? MacBook Pro or iMac and which model.


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