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What's up with my compressor?

Here are the symptoms in my side by side Frigidaire: fridge and freezer cool, but not cold enough - freezer is above freezing. I can hear the fan running in the freezer and cold-ish air comes out. Underneath everything is clean and the fan is running. The compressor tank is room temperature. Every minute or two I hear the compressor turn on and run for several seconds and then turn off again. It sounds somewhat noisy, probably too noisy, but I don’t know how loud it should be since I have never heard it pulled out of the cabinet with the back off before. Also, if it is the compressor, can I replace it does a professional need to because refrigerant will need to be recovered/added? Thanks for any input.

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Yes it could be your unit is losing coolant and unless you have the necessary equipment to seal the leak, test the pressure, add coolant etc it will be necessary to call in a pro.


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When a freezer's compressor doesn't stay on, the start or run capacitor, or a relay affiliated with the compressor, might be faulty. If you recently had a power outage, these elements can malfunction during a power surge when the power comes back on. Capacitors and relays often cause the biggest problems with the compressor not functioning properly and are easy for an appliance technician to replace.

Please give us your model number so we can find the correct part.


Here’s your part:

Refrigerator Inverter Board 241577501

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Thanks so much for your help. The compressor has stopped completely and now things in the freezer are melting fast, so I decided to call a repairman. Have a great day!


@jnboyd Please keep us updated. I would be very interested to know if it is the start capacitor.


Thanks for asking. On the receipt he left me it says that it was the inverter. He said it would be $400 just for the part and since my fridge is 14 years old I might want to consider getting a new fridge instead and told me to call him if I wanted it done after all. What confuses me is that with a quick look online I generally see refrigerator inverter boards for $100-200. He wasn't trying to overcharge me, because he was the one who suggested I not do it and only charged $40 for the visit.


Inverter? Please give us your model number. @ladytech do have a clue on this?


It is Frigidaire PHSC239DSB2

It's interesting - the temp has been drifting around over the last 24 hrs. One hour the freezer is at -15C, the next hour it is at 0C. - thanks!

Quick update - I had a chance to look for the specific part. For my fridge it looks like I can get one in $300 range and put it in myself.


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John Boyd, it could possibly be the compressor is locked up. This inverter makes diagnosing the compressor a bit more difficult due to the inverter mounted on the side of the compressor. The thermal overload is what’s cutting off the compressor. It’s job is to cut off the compressor if it’s too hot or pulling too many amps. If you had an amp meter or a two splitter you could check the amp draw at the moment it’s trying to come on. If the amps are higher than whats on the data plate than the problem is in the compressor. The compressor has to be replaced by a certified hvac/refrigeration technician per the EPA guidelines. The cost for this repair is much higher.

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John Boyd, if you buy the inverter, make sure your able to return it if it doesn’t work. The compressor is sold with a new inverter. Below is a link. Sears sells it for $470. You would have to have a certified tech install it.


Thanks very much for the help! The refrigerator started working a little better for now. The freezer is set for -18C but drifts between -15C and 0C and the fridge stays at the correct temp. I will order the inverter from Sears and return it if it doesn't fix it. It will be here Monday. Hopefully all will be back to normal! At least it gave me a good excuse to go out and buy that freezer for the garage I had been thinking about!


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