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My dog ate my earbud off

New puppy ate the right bud off my black BeatsX. Obviously devastated, but she's too cute to even yet at her. Ugh.

I still have the pieces (entire headpiece, plus right ear bud) and two wires are protruding from each side. Any hope of soldering the wires together and putting the bud back on? (Amazon support is worthless…they knew what had happened, made me mail it to them, and then told me only malfunctions or manufacturer issues are covered. Why even have me send them back?! And what's the point of a warranty?! Such a pain.) They said the cost of repair would exceed the price of replacement.

Any hope of salvaging these babies? I hate to just throw them away. Oy.

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Theoretically given you have the right equipment, patience etc the answer is yes. As you probably know earbuds have really small wires so joining them back together can be a bit of an exasperating experience for the uninitiated. Another possibility is to just replace the whole wire but then again that also presents other problematic scenarios. Basically though, to join the wires you will need something to strip the wires back to an acceptable joining location, good vision or some magnifying unit, solder, soldering iron, rosin core flux (optional if using rosin core solder) and an insulating material such as electrical tape (comes in various colors too! ;-) ) or "shrink wrap".

To give other participants here a better idea of the problem you are experiencing you may want to post some photo's of the damaged areas.

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Sure you can fix it, here’s a video on how to do it:

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This is an excellent soldering video, thank you. Is there any reason it wouldn't work fully for audio wires, or do I need to take special precautions as well?


Play with soldering before you go to the actual project.


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Yes you can fix it. If the wire was chewed off close to the earbud,that’s good. Length won’t be a huge deal. Just pop the earbud open,and strip the wire. There are 2 tiny wires inside. Those wires are coated with a thin layer of enamel. It looks shiny on the wire,which is why the red wire looks like red copper,but it’s actually red coating. If you use flux and a soldering iron,it will burn the enamel off and tin the copper with solder. Then you can touch each wire to the appropriate solder pad. It’s a pain in the ass since the wires are small. Flux is very important too.

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