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Element T6 Plus is a portable Bluetooth speaker with a max output of 40W: deep bass, three EQ modes, True Wireless Stereo pairing, plus it’s water, dust & drop proof. With the intuitive volume control wheel, it’s the perfect go-anywhere speaker.

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tronsmart element t6 not turning on

Hi can somebody help me about my Tronsmart t6 element? I was using it last night and let its battery drain until it shuts off. Now I charged the speaker full but it won't turn on. Can somebody help me resolve my problem. Any suggestions will be much appreciated. Tnx

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Well their user guide is useless but maybe you would have better luck asking about your problem via


I have the same problem with the tronsmart element force. Somebody help me!!! :( :(


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It's not working it is not on

Update (08/20/23)

It's not working

Not on

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