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Repair guides for displays (or monitors) for computers or other devices with video output.

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Where can I find screen replacement for LCD/LED Monitor (Dell U2417H)?

Hi Guys,

My Monitor’s screen (Dell U2417H), is broken from the top right side,

I looked for screen replacement everywhere that I knew, online (amazon, eBay, Walmart, ifixit, …),

Also, I called to Dell Canada Service and I asked for on-site repair or screen replacement part,

BUT I didn’t find screen replacement anywhere.

I decided to buy a new monitor but my concern is If this incident happened again what’s the solution?

I also searched the internet for screen replacement for different brand and newer models,

But It seems there is not any screen replacement part for any monitor in the market.

Please let me know if you know where should I look for a screen replacement part of monitors, If available!

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Might also want to try asking in


I have a 27 inch dell all in one and cracked my screen. How can I find a replacement


@Lisa Hardin - Contact Dell to see if they even offer the needed part.


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Sadly monitors or even TV’s which are less than 24” tend not to be repairable as the replacement cost is so little (~250.00 USD). LCD panels are becoming harder to find even in the larger sizes.

Believe me! Its sickening how fast the prices have dropped. I bought a beautiful top end Sony 48” LCD TV a few years ago. My power supply went and its not available as a spare! I ended up having to find a second broken TV to steal the power supply from.

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