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Top part of screen not reponsive after Screen Replacement

I just got my IPhone X screen replaced after I cracked it, but did not realise that the top part of the screen is unresponsive. The rest of the screen is working fine, but I feel like it has to do with something very simple. Anyone know?

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Did you replace the screen yourself? Or did you give it to a repair shop or apple? If you did the latter, then send it back to them as they have given you a defective screen.


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I would perform a soft reset - tap volume up, tap volume down, then long press power button until you see the apple symbol, if that does not work, i would open the device, make sure the connectors are seated properly. If they are, It is in my opinion you have a defective display and it would require replacement. If your replacement display has the same issues, there are a number of iPhone X models that do have touch screen issues but typically you will see a green line running vertically along the display if that’s the case. My guess is defective display but i would try those troubleshooting steps first.

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Well when I bought the phone almost 2 years ago, I got it insured with Asurion, and they keep telling me that they have to replace the device.

1. I want to upgrade to the new iPhone coming out.

2. I think it the connectors is not connected properly, but stupid insurance does not want to try and fix it.

3. I don’t have the tools to open the phone.


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