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Extra Pieces After Disassembly-Spring & 7x4x1mm Plastic

I have a spring that I believe came from the click wheel up removal. Should I replace the click wheel?

Also when I removed the display,battery & board there was a small piece of plastic that came from somewhere. Where does that go in reassembly.

Thanks for your help.

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Thanks for responding to my question. I came to the same conclusion you did. During reassemby I saw the slot in the main board and a place for the spring. Glad to know its function.


hi King. You are supposed to click-on "accept answer" when you recieve an answer that fits your question.


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I had the same problem with the first 5th. gen I took apart. My comments on the spring went unanswered too. Came to my own conclusions.

First the odd looking bit of black plastic (which usually flies out when you pry the click wheel assembly out). If you look at the main board you will see slot about 5mm long by about 1.5mm. Take the black bit in some forceps and you will find it will click back into this slot. There is a hole in the black bit which holds the tiny spring. If you look at the ipod case, preferably with everything removed), there is a small patch of silver plating on the colored anodized surface. My theory is that the spring is a grounding contact between the case and the center of the click wheel assembly. That spring is a little devil. If you drop it on your workbench, even on a white cloth, its so small - just blink and its gone! The only way is to open up carefully then pickup the spring with a piece of blue tack or Scotch tape - and leave it there until you need it. Most of my springs have disappeared and are never seen again. However all the i Pods I've worked on seem to work OK without them.

It's just the thought of that spring rattling about inside the circuitry that makes you feel uneasy. I suspect they end up being stuck to the speaker. I've never found one yet!

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Just the answer I was looking for. Thanks.

Btw. If (when) you lose that spring on the floor a magnet works wonders.


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i got my ipod screen replaced but theres something that holds the spring down what is that called?

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