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The Medion Akoya MD96420 model is a mid-size laptop computer made by Medion.

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What does the video card look like?

I'm told that the video card needs replacing and I want to do it myself. I have taken a panel off the back and have located an easily removable device. It is the size and shape of an old fashioned metal cigarette case. Can someone confirm that this is the video card, please? If not what am I looking for?

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I'm pretty sure you just took out the hard drive.


sounds like a comment :-)


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Derek McGown, I believe that the video card is an actual part of your mainboard, but I am still trying to verify that. MY gut feeling says that if you found an "easily removable device" it is not the video card. From your description, it sounds more like the HDD Images of the part would definitely help to identify. Hope this gets you started and I will continue to clarify your issue. Also, it would be great if you could give us the symptoms of your laptop so we could assist you with the issues at hand. I would also try to connect an external monitor and see if it works...

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Thanks, old, the part I took out is indeed the hard drive. It has been suggested to me that,given the lack of space inside laptops, the video card is actually a chip attached to the main board. I have located two such chips and they are also fair easily to remove. They are on green board and both about 2.5cm x 6cm and both have eight black squares on either side of them. The symptom of the fault is simply that the nothing appears on the screen once power is turned on. Medion's Australian site shows that it does not supply such parts so I will start looking elsewhere through nerd networks. I don't have cabling to connect to another monitor to see if that works.


Derek, there is a chip on your motherboard that is the GPU for your board. The Medions do have issues with having to be reflowed <sp> in order for them to work again. I seem to recall that it is actually a NVidia chipset on your particular model. May be you can find someone local that can do the reflow, if not there are plenty of services out that advertise this repair on eBay, especially for your model. I know that it is very popular in Europe as well since the Medion there gets sold through one of the larger department stores. Good Luck and I hope it will work out.


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