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iPod has volume icon in screen all the time

Hello, I have an ipod touch 3rd gen. and the volume icon remains on the screen all the time. Also the volume top button will turn on and off the device and the bottom one does not work at all. Has anyone got the answer for me I hope so. Thanks for reading this, Marianne

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I will chime in without advertising a buisness

try resetting the iPod,hold the home and power button down at the same time,the iPod will reset and if it silll happens,chances are there is dirt in the volume jack causing this,you can certanly try taking the iPod apart and cleaning out any dirt and gook by and in it if it comes apart,otherwise,you need a whole new headphone assembly

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Yes, I have a repair center and I can tell you how to fix this. The ipod touch screen needs to be removed as well as everything else including the lcd and mother board along with the wifi cable which lies above the sleep button flex cable. Once everything is out you can access the sleep and volume buttons which are all one piece. Remove the four screws holding the buttons in place then life all adhesive and tape holding it to the backplate. Once done then just simply swap a new one in place and reassemble. You can purchase the parts off of ebay for about $10.00

Remember be careful and have soft hands so you dont break the lcd and touch screen which will throw your repair up another $30.00

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