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The Samsung Evergreen SGH-A667 is an eco-friendly texting phone.

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Does anyone know how to transfer Data from this phone to Nokia 8110?

Just replaced my ancient Evergreen with a new Matrix Nokia 8110 (be careful, not authorized to be sold in USA by NOKIA ) Have Samsung PC Studio program. Great program. All Samsung data now on my computer. BUT, it won’t “talk” to my new Nokia. I need a quick way to transfer all of that data to the 8110. Messages, addresses, pics, notes etc. All in the PC studio but don’t know how to get it back to the NOKIA. would love a work around.

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Tried hooking up your new phone to your computer, opening a file manager and dragging/dropping files to appropriate folders etc? Use the import functions of your email reader and web browser to transfer bookmarks and addresses. Just a thought......


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Have you still got the old phone and is it still working OK and has all the wanted data still on it?

If not ignore the rest of the answer.

The following may take a bit of doing but if nothing else works try it and see.

You should be able to connect it to a PC via USB and find the images etc. by trawling through the storage files.

As for contacts you may be able to save then to SIM and then transfer the SIM to your new phone and then transfer into the Contacts there (see your new phone user manual). This is providing the SIM card physically fits in both phones.

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John Fagan any chance you can use Bluetooth to do so. Or you can try this

Restore app settings from your previous Android™ phone

If your previous phone was an Android, and back up to Google account is enabled on it, you can restore your app settings and Wi-Fi passwords.

  1. Tap Settings > System > Backup.
  2. Switch Backup to Google Drive to On.
  3. So instead of backing up the data from your old phone back it up to your (if you do not have one, create one) Google account. Check the user guide on here for more ways. Of course there are also a whole bunch of software solutions like this one and many others. Try this as well:

How can I transfer files between a PC and my Nokia 8110?

  1. Select "My computer" and select phone disk after connecting to the PC.

If nothing else you will now have to use Nokia ‘s software instead Samsung’s. The default program for that will be Nokia PC Suite

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Never owned an Addroid, or a smart phone. When I say old I mean almost prehistoric. My Samsung was made in 2010. It is a qwerty slider dumb phone. The Nokia 8110 won't talk to the old Bluetooth version in the Samsung phone. Just looked up the Nokia PC Suite. There were lots of warnings about Trojan malware.. Now I'm nervous.


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