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This product is a 27-inch LED display with a resolution of 2650x1440 pixels released by Apple on July 27, 2010. It has the model number A1316.

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Why fan is spinning all the time?

I received 27” cinema led display a1316 and it has an issue that fan keeps spinning all the time. It blows cold air out from wents so it obviously is not overheating.

I already carefully vacuumed the display internals, blew some compressed air to no avail. Then I had an idea to blow hot air from hair dryer for a short time and fan stopped. But it did return after display went to sleep. I was able to repeat the success with hair dryer after it.

It looks like all components and wires are in place. Is it the temp sensor acting up?

Would it be possible just to disconnect the fan? I am not using magsafe for charging.

Another issue is that the all in one cable needs to be replaced and are they really so scarce these days? For the later a1407 model you can find a reasonable priced one.

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You really need to keep the fan running here as the power supply and display put out a fair amount of heat.

At this point you’ll need to check the fan’s thermal sensor is it plugged in and the cable is not damaged? When you have an open the fan will race. Also check the back of the display its self there is another thermal sensor on it that is wired to the T-CON board on the back of the display (covered by sheet metal). Also inspect the displays LVDS cable which you unplugged from the logic board is it damaged in anyway?

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Wires seem intact and plugs are all in place. But when examining closely the temp sensor that is next to the blower it seemed to be a bit loose from the wires. I managed to change it’s position so that it connected better and fan stopped into tolerable speeds. Maybe soldering the sensor better is needed in the future but that seemed to be the problem.


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