Positivo BGH A 450 Power Module Burnt

Hello, I am fixing a computer it is my first notebook repair and i would like to know how to proceed to test multiple components but i don´t know what to look for in a burnt power module (With LAN RJ45 Connector) it seems that the laptop were connected to a wrong power supply, and now it doesn’t show signal of being working. there would be any fuse to check for?? or the procedure to discard as culprit these components? it shows brownish coloured spots nearby solder on the pins soldered to the plug on the board. Also there is like “bumps” on the board near the plug.

The Motherboard doesn’t show signal of faulty components fat capacitors and so on.

Thanks a Lot for any help in advance.

Images of possibly damaged board module:

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

In the last image it seems that there are no measurement on the component mc3 nor resistance mode neither continuity.

Answer this question I have this problem too

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@ramirocampa post some good pictures of your board and of the damage with your question. that way we can see what you see. Adding images to an existing question


@oldturkey03 Thanks @oldturkey03 for the suggestion.


First thing I would check are fuses. From memory they have a destinct look with a letter on them. When a fuse is blown there is no connection (OL or very high ohms resistance) when you measure the fuse from both sides.

General locations of said fuses are near battery connector and the DC-in jack or board.

Also check if either sides of fuses are shorted to ground which would indicate a short circuit to ground on that line of the circuit.


Thank you very much @benjamen50 I would like to ask which are the look of fuses. Or how would I search for it on the net. Just to know. Thanks again.


I can see a clear picture of one side of the whole board but not the other side.

On the third image we need a photo of the whole board of that side while being clear. Might be a fuse on that side of the board.

The bumps for the charger port socket legs on the board is normal as that means it has been soldered to the board well.

The brown marks can be left over flux residue from the manufacturing factory when soldering the port on.

I was thinking the little component right next to the button is a fuse but it looks like an LED instead. I've looked through the images and all I can see are mostly capacitors and some resistors. MRxxx abbreviations seem to be resistors while MCxxx abbreviations seem to be capacitors.


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