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Repair information for the Beats Studio 2.0 wired headphones. Originally released in 2013. Model number: BT OV STU BLK.

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My Beats Studio 3 Wireless Won't Charge, Turn on and blinks

I’ve owned a pair of Beats Studio 3 Wireless headphones for about 8 months. I cycle with them a lot and also travel with them. Recently, I tried to turn on the beats but got the red blinking logo (I know it means the battery is a 0%), so I say to myself “no biggie, I must’ve left it on overnight and it needs to charge”. When I plug in the beats with the charging cable it came with the lights would flash as follows.

  1. All five white charging lights and the power button light would pulse following a single red light with the power button light, this sequence would happen three times.
  2. Next, a red light would flash three times.
  3. After that, a single white light from the charging lights would fade in and out as long as the beats are connected to a power source.

If I try to turn the beats on while connected to the original charging cable the red light would flash three times before the white light continues to fade in and out.

Below is a list of things that I have already attempted.

  1. Resetting the beats. The website said to hold down the power button and the volume buttons for 10 seconds. I’ve tried it without the power plugged in and there is no response from the lights. When I try it plugged in the beats would repeat the light sequence in the order on the list above.
  2. Updating the firmware. I have downloaded the beats software thing from the site. and plugged the beats in. The beats would show up with the correct name I’ve assigned to it, and the battery percentage would show 0%. It would tell me that the beats are up to date, and give me the option of changing the name of the beats.
  3. Letting it charge. I’ve left the beats on my countertop for about four days to charge. the only thing that would happen is the pulsating white light.
  4. Plugging in the aux and connecting to a phone. There would be no response from this action whatsoever.

What do you guys think? I guess would be water damage from me sweating, but other than that I don’t know how to go about this situation. Is this possible to fix? (Before anyone says take it to apple that option will be my last resort, probably to buy a new one.) But these beats means a lot to me for personal reasons and I do not want to give up on them.

These are the black and gold beats studio 3 wireless headphones. There is no option for this electronic so I chose Beats studio 2 as the electronic option.

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I have same problem if you found some ideas for Fix tell me please


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Most likely, the battery needs to be replaced. You can buy the battery from iFixit or another retailer. You need to (a heat up the right side of the Beats, (b pry the circle around the Beats by Dre logo (there should be a little notch) and unscrew the screws, and (c unplug the battery, pry it from the adhesive and and plug in your new battery and close it up.

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I believe the Beats “onboard” USB mini Female charging jack has become “loose” from its “factory” connection to the main pc board or interior plastic mount. When I move my charging cable around while plugged into the headset, the red light will intermittently come on. I actually once used a rubber-band to hold it (the male side of the charging cable end) in place (tilted slightly “up”) and the battery charged fully. However, I know this situation will def get worse if I continue that temp fix. Can iFixit repair this issue reliably, especially if it is just the headset charging jack needing re-soldiering or re-glueing (or whatever) to the headset superstructure)? How much would that cost?

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You need a new battery I had the same problem so I brought a battery from ifixit and there tool kit and changed it myself and now it works fine wasn’t that hard to do just watch the video you can do it just go slow and be gentle battery and tool kit isn’t that much better than buying a new headset good luck 👍

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