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Sit-on-top lawn mower. Zero-turn radius mower, 50" mower deck, hydro transmission.

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shuts off after 30 min

my zts 7500 shuts off after about 30 min

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maybe its got a heating problem, or the mower has a clog


jdcm1 what have you checked? Does it happen all the time? Can you immediately restart it after? You need to give more information so we can try to help you out.



runs great for abut 30 min, wont restart for about an hour.

something is over heating, just not sure what it is.

checked the fuel shutoff on the carb, is getting fuel.


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Hey jdcm1.

Make sure the fuel line is clear and fuel filter is not clogged.

Test the fuel shut-off solenoid (and the wiring harness) mounted on the bottom of the carburetor.

Check the coil package (and related wiring) to ensure you’re getting spark.

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